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Diseños de Tableros de Ajedrez Curiosos

renault chess
While it’s one thing to play chess with the regular pieces, it’s an entirely different experience with something-themed chess sets. If you’re a chess fan, you would probably love to play the game on a unique chess set. Here is a collection of some of the most unusual and interesting chess set designs we’ve come across. Hit the jump to see them all…
• Auto part chess set
auto part chess set
The cool chess set made of automobile parts.
• LEGO Castle Chess Set
lego castle giant chess set
Chess set for the Lego lovers.
• Wobble Chess Set
wobble chess set
The Wobble Chess Set allows for more interaction between the board and the pieces.
• ZeroGrav chess set
How about a game of chess in zero gravity?
• 3-way chess
3 way chess
Chess is no more a war between two kingdoms.
• Chess set by Jake & Dinos Chapman
chess set white black
This chess set shows the growing equilibrium where humanity is the winner.
• Damien Hirst’s chess set
damien hirst chess 1351137i
Damien Hirst explores the world’s obsession with mortality by casting medicine bottles in silver and glass with engraved labels on a mirrored glass board upon a surgical trolley.
• High Octane Chess Set
 high octane chess set
chess set made from car parts is sure to put a smile on your face.
• DIY World’s Most Expensive Chess Set
diy chess set
chess set made using only money. Notes for the board and coins for the pieces!
• The Royal Diamond Chess
royal diamond
Bernard Maquin’s Royal Diamond chess set is one of the most expensive chess sets in the world. It is made using 1168.75 grams of 14 carat white gold and approximately 9900 black and white diamonds.
• Formula 1 Chess Set
renault chess
Attractive chess set made of old Renault parts.
• Straight-up wall chess
straight up chess
A revolutionary way of playing and displaying your prized chess set.
• Alice chess set
alice chess
chess set that features pieces that “magically turn transparent” when they touch the board.
• Democratic Chess Set
democratic chess
This high-tech set has a network camera built in to each piece that facilitates interaction between each other and a human player.
• Lord of the Rings Collectors chess set
lord of the rings chess
Calling all the Lord of the Rings fans! The Lord of the Rings Collectors chess set has every detail richly realistic and true to the Academy Award-winning epic film.
• Make your move – bathroom chess
make ur move
A wall-mounted chess set for your bathroom.
• Organic chess set
organic chess
Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama has designed this organic chess set with hand-painted porcelain pieces housed in a leather pumpkin case.
• Insect chess set
insect chess set
Alastair Mackie has made a chess set in which each piece encapsulates a single suspended insect. The white pieces are represented by flying insects.
• Charles Hollander’s Gold & Diamond Chess Set
charles chess set
The chess set is made out of gold and the king and queen are set with diamonds.
• Lamp parts chess set
chessset lamp
1968 chess set made from various disassembled parts from a lamp.
• Iraqi Quagmire Chess Set
hermann mejia iraqi chess set
This one hardly looks like a chess set.
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